Paul Booth, Music CD

Paul Booth, Music CD

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Created simultaneously with his “Inner Child” series of paintings, Paul Booth discovered his way to induce a visual journey into one’s Darkest Self through music. In Paul’s words, “The atmosphere it creates is meant to help Artists of all kinds to explore and face their inner Demons. Many of these “Dark Ambient Soundscapes” are paired with aparticular painting from the series - as if each were integral for the process to continue. “Each Painting has its own soundtrack”, Paul states. “I think the right mood needs to be created to view this kind of art, and I think the sounds you hear are a big part of that.” To reflect this statement, many images of the paintings that inspired these recordings are showcased in the elaborate, double CD packaging, allowing the listener to gain a more complete experience of fusing art and music. These works, all original compositions by Paul himself, are molding an entirely fresh, creative atmosphere for artists to immerse themselves.


SAMPLES Falling from Grace - Disc 1 - (MP3) (WAV) Lost Soul - Disc 1 - (MP3) (WAV) Delusions - Disc 2 - (MP3) (WAV) Alone - Disc 2 - (MP3) (WAV)